With the emerging power and rise of the affluent Middle East, global attention shifts towards the modest market, encouraging its growth and the rise of modest fashion. Propelled by e-commerce and social media, modest fashion is a strong global cultural movement on the rise. Gaining recognition as an empowering choice by women to cover their bodies, the modest fashion industry has seen an increasing number of adopters from fashion powerhouses like Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino, DKNY and H&M, and the exciting addition of London Modest Fashion Week to the British capital’s fashion calendar in February this year.

For the first time in SGFW history, the fashion week is proud to partner with modest fashion retail platform, MODESTyle, to present a series of three MODESTyle Fashion Showcase runway shows as well as a consumer and trade MODESTyle Trunk Show.

The three MODESTyle Fashion Showcase runway shows will feature some of the biggest local and regional modestwear labels, including Jovian Mandagie, one of Malaysia’s top award-winning modestwear designers, and Dian Pelangi, established Indonesian designer who has headlined fashion shows in Britain, France, Germany, Holland and Dubai. Other highlight brands include Bill Keith (Malaysia) and Rozita Che Wan (Malaysia), who will also bring to the runway their modern interpretations of modest fashion.

The off-site consumer trade trunk show will see more than thirty modestwear designers from Singapore, Dubai, Turkey, China, Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei exhibit their collections in smaller runway presentations and booth displays to trade buyers and consumers over a week.

MODESTyle Fashion Showcase 1
Saturday 28 October, 1pm

  • Tasmiah, China
  • Adrianna Yariqa, Singapore
  • Charisma, Singapore
  • Le Reve, Bangladesh
  •, Indonesia

MODESTyle Fashion Showcase 2
Saturday 28 October, 2:30pm

  • Irna Mutiara, Indonesia
  • Aere, Malaysia
  • AZ Brothers, Malaysia
  • Kaifiyyah, Singapore
  • Bill Keith, Malaysia

MODESTyle Fashion Showcase 3
Saturday 28 October, 4pm

  • Dian Pelangi, Indonesia
  • Feayn, Singapore
  • Limkokwing Fashion Club, Malaysia
  • Ayra Safiyyah, Singapore
  • Jovian Mandagie, Malaysia