RICO RINALDI x Tomita Senkogei, Presented by ZALORA


Having won a series of awards, Rico Rinaldi has begun to make a sweeping entrance into the fashion industry with the establishment in 2010. Together with a young and passionate designing team, the brand has always come out with sought after collections that are both timeless and exuberant fresh new ideas.

The Rico Rinaldi brand starts with the company’s enduring missions to become one of the leading premiere labels in couture industry. The brand hopes inspire the world with the sense of identity by celebrating the essence of individuality from various elements.
Rico Rinaldi’s products that goes beyond core couture and ready-to-wear collections. The brand aims to set the tone of a lifestyle and become a place where customers will be inspired by the company’s ideas and philosophies.

Garnered by artistic and luxurious style, and driven by exquisite attention to details, the company sets the goals beyond the best by consistently reinforce high standard to ensure high level customer service. These are the qualities that make this label a fast growing company. Always on the forefront of the fashion industry, debuting new collections for major fashion events. This exemplifies not just the company’s je ne sais quoi in the couture business but also its versatility to cater for fashion lovers in the mass market.