About MODESTyle

MODESTyle.asia is a hub for quality fashion brands, suppliers, importers and exporters, wholesalers and trade buyers, focusing primarily on the Modest Fashion industry. Headquartered in Singapore, MODESTyle.asia brings together retailers from across the world to participate in online trade for the USD230 billion dollar Muslimah fashion industry.

With over 400 registered global Trade Buyers and Distributors who are looking to purchase wholesale pieces for their respective businesses, MODESTyle.asia is also the official business to business (B2B) e-commerce trade platform for several Fashion Weeks in the region. With over 1,000 SKUs offered by the merchants listed on the platform at launch, MODESTyle.asia is set to be the leader in online trade for dedicated modest fashion.

In addition, the portal offers latest modest fashion and beauty industry news, trends and reports from all over the world, allowing merchants and buyers to stay informed at all times.

On MODESTyle.asia, consumers and shoppers can also shop and browse through fashion and beauty products from around the world, including Turkey, Dubai, London, Singapore, China, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. With over 80 merchants, they can enjoy discounted or wholesale prices, and get their purchases shipped direct to their doorsteps. The platform offers diaspora modest fashion from across the globe, allowing shoppers to peruse the latest and most affordable modest merchandise.

For more information, please visit modestyle.asia.